• Carrying out regular inspections and checks of the technical equipment of the house according to its layout.
  • Eliminating post-inspection defects.
  • Regular inspections of the managed property by an office employee. Frequency by agreement.
  • Contact a contractual emergency service outside office hours.
  • Carrying out minor repairs in the house – janitor’s service – replacing light bulbs, adjusting the self-closing door, adjusting the lubrication of the front door, removing snow and sprinkling of ice in the yard.
  • Providing maintenance work in common areas of the house in agreement with the owner. Especially electrical, plumbing, locksmith, painting and masonry work.
  • Reading billing and ratio meters of water and heat according to the needs and layout of the house.
  • Preparing offers for investment projects calculations in the house or minor repairs from qualified suppliers.
  • Cooperating with service suppliers when exchanges and inspections of meters and valves are needed. If necessary, make sure the measuring point is adjusted to meet the supplier’s standard.
Technická správa nemovitostí FEMA-M s.r.o. správní kancelář

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